If you ever have several hours to kill and nothing better to do, then you could (if the situation is really dire) watch my defense or read my thesis, which are posted below. You can also find some photos from the day courtesy of Dr. Arvin Kakekhani.


View from the crowd

View from the crowd before the talk.

Getting ready

Getting ready for my talk.

Starting my talk

Starting my talk.

With Shani

At the after party with wife, Shani.

With Shani and Uncle Billy

At the after party with Shani and my Uncle Billy.

With Andrew

At the after party with my PhD advisor, Prof. Andrew Rappe.


Relaxing after the after party with Shani and my good friend, Dr. Arvin Kakekhani.

76ers game

One of the many amazing gifts that Shani got me, tickets to the 76ers playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets. Thanks, Shani!